Mr. Steam named Vendor of the Year by Luxury Products Group

Aurora, Ohio — Since the earliest days of Luxury Products Group, Mr. Steam and its executives have been tremendous supporters. In recognition of their dedicated commitment to the group and its members, LPG Executive Director Jeff MacDowell presented the Vendor of the Year Award to Mr. Steam during the closing business session at #LPG2020 last week. Accepting the award were Vice President Sales Dan Reinert and Vice President Marketing Martha Orellana.

The winner of this prestigious award is always is a closely kept secret and so the element of surprise adds to the excitement among everyone in the room.

As Reinert noted, “LPG has so many excellent vendors in the group that we were surprised to just be nominated. And then to be recognized above all of our peers left us feeling very honored and quite humbled.”

Among the reasons that Mr. Steam executives have chosen to be so actively involved with LPG is the group’s commitment to luxury products.

“LPG’s leadership has gone out of their way to put a focus on education and upselling in their showrooms,” praised Reinert. “Clearly as a company this helps our numbers grow. We also want to support a group that has such forward-thinking leadership and help them attract and retain the best members and facilitate the best practices moving forward. The group has advanced so much in the last few years that it is exciting to attend their shows and see how the members continue to grow their businesses with the help of LPG.”

In presenting the award, MacDowell shared his gratitude for the efforts of the Mr. Steam team.

“We can only achieve maximum success as a group when we work with the right partners, and Mr. Steam has been there supporting LPG at every step,” he noted. “Dan, Martha and the rest of the team are fully committed to the success of LPG, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them to sell luxury and wellness.”

Mr. Steam’s roots go back more than a century to the first electric steam iron for use in garment factories. Arthur Sussman designed the steam iron in 1917, and over the years evolved into the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers around the world. Still family owned, Mr. Steam’s products are used in applications ranging from residential bathrooms to hospital operating rooms and Naval ships to the Kennedy Space Center.

One of today’s biggest trends in bathroom design is to create a relaxing and spa-like environment at home. Mr. Steam works closely with showrooms, designers and discerning homeowners to help them create the steam shower environment of their dreams. And just as they were under Arthur Sussman’s direction, the Mr. Steam team still strives to be the very best at what they do. Mr. Steam offers contemporary, technologically advanced products with swipe-touch controls, ultra-efficient steam generators, soothing aromatherapy and chromatherapy systems, and sleek high-performance towel warmers.

As Reinert noted, “Mr. Steam is a product that thrives and succeeds because of the efforts of showrooms. We innovate with products as well as marketing and sales. Showrooms that are LPG members love that the group continues to chart a progressive path moving forward. The future of showrooms will continue to evolve, and we are excited to be working closely with LPG to create a bigger market for are products via their showrooms.”

Mr. Steam’s products are engineered and assembled in the United States, and their unyielding passion for quality allows the company to offer what is widely considered the best warranty in the industry. At the core of Mr. Steam are several very important tenets that its team works under:

  • Improve lives — committed to bringing wellness to the world
  • Improve ourselves — never stop leaning and exploring
  • Ethics matter — do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing
  • Relationships above all — good business depends on good relationships with customers, colleagues and community
  • Work hard — put in the extra effort to make things easy for customers
  • Be green — choose the cleanest, greenest manufacturing processes available.

Luxury Products Group held its annual Expo and Conference January 29-31 at the San Diego Marina Marriott Marquis. This year’s record-setting attendance was almost 50% higher than last year — signaling the overwhelming enthusiasm for the group’s direction and forward-thinking initiatives.

About LPG:

Founded in 2009, Luxury Products Group, a business vertical of IMARK Plumbing, is the industry’s most award-winning decorative buying group and has earned a reputation for developing innovative initiatives that strengthen its members’ and vendors’ businesses.  The 440+ member locations serve independent plumbing, hardware, and lighting showrooms throughout the USA and Canada.  LPG members benefit from business advantages that drive increased profits, professionalism, and access to highly respected vendors in the marketplace.  Idea sharing, retail innovation, best practice sharing, and networking are among the top benefits sited by members and vendors alike. LPG has become the most award-winning decorative buying group in the U.S. and earned a reputation for developing innovative initiatives that strengthen its members’ and vendors’ businesses.